#showsolidarityOTAs is a not-for-profit movement started by a group of hardworking business owners and employees from the accommodation sector struggling through during the current economic crisis.

As the travel industry screeched to a halt, so did hotel and holiday home bookings across the globe with mid and small-sized independent hotels among the hardest hit. To date, hotels and holiday homeowners are barely survivince at survival.

In 2019, the top 10 OTAs made more than US$50 billion in revenue from these same businesses who are now fighting through this crisis alone.

#showsolidarityOTAs proposes these global corporations to grant a 50% discount on booking commissions for a one year period to help these struggling accommodation businesses. 

Show your support and join this global movement. #showsolidarityOTAs is asking hoteliers, holiday homeowners, employees, and people who believe in independent businesses to download the #showsolidarityOTAs app and persuade OTAs to reduce their commissions. 

United, we can support hotel and holiday homeowners all over the world in rebuilding their businesses after this current economic crisis.

You can also personally contribute to the #showsolidarityOTAs fundraiser at https://gogetfunding.com/showsolidarityotas/. All proceeds will go towards furthering this initiative and if the funding goal is reached,  remaining funds will be converted into grants offered to hotels and holiday homeowners most stricken by this crisis.