The Call to Unite

Today a non-profit campaign – #showsolidarityOTAs – is being launched to support hotel and holiday homeowners struggling through the during the current economic crisis.

The Travel Agency Refund Conundrum

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, leading disruptive influences in travel included alternative accommodations and artificial intelligence, but during the current crisis refunds and cancellations have shattered finances, travel policies, business models, and partner and customer relationships. The fallout has triggered flexible cancellation policies, booking incentives, and some attempts at fence-mending.

Expedia take the First Step towards Hosts Recovery

Two months after Airbnb rolled out a controversial $260 million coronavirus relief package for hosts, rival Expedia Group is slightly upping the ante with an estimated $275 million recovery package for hotels, destinations, and owners and operators of alternative accommodations.

Airbnb Hosts Furious That People Can Cancel Stays for Free During Pandemic

You’ve perhaps seen a video going around the internet (we embedded it below) of a supposed Airbnb host who complains that “we have FIRE boiling through our veins” and “are collectively OUTRAGED” because hosts are losing their shiny dress shirts over cancellations related to the pandemic travel restrictions and shelter in place orders. The video seems like a fake; it’s just too perfect with the spot-on techie rhetoric, the soul patch, and the exaggerated delivery.

Housekeeping takes on new urgency in fight against Current Financial Crisis

Whether staying open during the current gloabal financial crisis or performing maintenance in hopes of a prompt reopening, hoteliers must protect both guests and their housekeeping teams. This guidebook will help hoteliers do just that, highlighting guestroom and public-space cleaning as well as pest control issues, how technology can help the process, and more.

Hotels and tour operators face ‘total meltdown’

This year was supposed to be a bumper one for travel and tourism companies. Demand for holidays was booming, particularly from growing Asian middle classes, while global flight bookings were racing ahead of last year.