Did You Know?

Booking.com cleaning out Hosts pockets with Cleaning fees!


Please clarify how this new commission structure is more "consistent". When you take it off the nightly rate, that's pretty straight forward. How does applying a commission charge to our "additional fees" make anything more consistent?! It looks like a greedy money grab to me.

Those fees cover costs that are now mandatory to the operation of my business. My cleaning fees go straight to a service that I hire. Now you're dipping into that and I'll have to pay out of pocket to make up the difference. I can raise my cleaning fee but that reflects poorly on me and on booking.com. I try to keep things as reasonable as possible for the traveler while allowing myself to keep my business open.

I don't have an issue paying services out of my own pocket to run my business. BUT I do have an issue paying Booking.com twice! Now we will be paying Booking.com for a service that they themselves are not even offering. How is that allowed, realistic or expected?

It's so ridiculous. Your current 15% is already among the highest in the industry. I'll be blocking off the remaining dates in my Booking.com calendars and removing all my properties from Booking.com at the end of the season. Then you'll be entitled to zero of my dollars... that seems like a pretty consistent commission for you to figure out.



Source: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/community/guest-payments-finances/new-commission-structure-ridiculous